You’ve got lots of questions and I’ve got some answers for you!  Being a parent is no walk in the park.  Just when you think you’ve got a phase figured out, your child throws a curve ball at you.  Whether it was illness, an unfortunate teacher and student pairing, or a nagging feeling that something isn’t right; I am here to guide you and your child back to harmony.  Here are a few of the questions I get on a regular basis:

How will I know if my child would benefit from tutoring?

10signsyourchildneedsatutor_MITDo any of these signs fit your child?  Call me today and we’ll make a plan to get your child back on track and towards loving learning again.

What resources can I try with my child before we decide to pay for tutoring?

Here are a few of the resources I have used with my students and my own children:

Reading Curriculum

Reading Information for Parents

When I was teaching reading, I learned over time that most of my students benefited from dyslexia reading training.  I highly recommend that parents read more about dyslexia.  I think you’d be surprised the wide spectrum of dyslexia.

Overcoming Dyslexia by Dr. Shaywiz

Reading Rockets

Math Curriculum:

Math Edge by Let’s Go Learn

Math Doesn’t Suck by Danica McKellar

Daily Math Puzzlers by Laura Candler

Did you know you can purchase used text books online?  With the implementation of Common Core, a lot of teachers have gotten rid of their textbooks.  I know this drives parents crazy!  Give yourself permission to purchase a textbook and show your child the old fashioned way of researching inside of a textbook for directions on how to do problems!  Below, I’ve pasted links to all of the textbooks our school district has used in the past for middle and high school.  I promise it will be super helpful to have these books for reference.

Math Course 1 (6th grade)

Math Course 2 (7th grade)

Math Course 3 (8th grade)

Algebra 1


Algebra 2

For Common Core Math 1, you would want Algebra 1 and Geometry books and the following year, you would add Algebra 2.  Make sure to check out the used versions!  You can typically pick a book up for less than $5.00.

Do you know a tutor that does other specialties?

I personally know all of the tutors below.  Not all of them live in the state of Idaho, but do offer online tutoring services.

Dyslexia Training

1.  Amy Herd (online)

The Learning Corner, L.L.C.

Dyslexia and Elementary Reading Tutor

In-person and online tutoring

Elementary Math or Reading

1.  Kassi Tobias (local)

(208) 283-6446

High School Math

1.  Angela Culley (online)

Math Ninja

SAT/ACT Tutoring

1.  Stacey Howe-Lott (online)

Stellar Scores

SAT test prep only

2.  Lauren Gaggioli (online)

Higher Scores Test Prep

SAT/ACT test prep

Will you please tutor my child in reading or higher levels of math?

At this time, I’ve made the decision to focus solely on the middle school population.  After years of working with kids, I’ve discovered that if I can reach a child in sixth grade or seventh grade, they typically don’t need me after that.  I also am a parent just like you and need to be available for my children after school.  Please explore and talk to one of the above tutors.