Need help with math?  You can count on me.

Math is one of my favorite subjects to teach!  I know that Common Core Math has gotten a lot of parents confused and frustrated over these past few years.  I am here to help!  I personally have dug in and read the common core math standards.  I promise you that the math you grew up is still in there and does come back into full swing as your child ages.  Around third grade, you should see traditional math addition and subtraction being taught.  Each year, students will build upon that knowledge and math will look increasingly more similar to what you remember.  Why then do we teach all these crazy methods?  To simply state it, we are building your child’s ability to do mental math and dig deeper into their understanding of how math works.


Math Topics Offered:

  • Middle school math for 6-8th grade

Students who come and work with me while in middle school, rarely see me ever again while in high school.  We dig in and get the gaps in their knowledge filled in so they have a strong math foundation going forward.  We work together to create study habits that help them succeed now and in the future.  I make math fun and memorable by using graphic organizers and icons to help students remember certain attributes of mathematical properties.

WE HAVE FUN!  You’ll be blown away at the transformation of your student as they attend tutoring with me.

Thank you for your help tutoring my son. I have seen his confidence grow because of your help. He is actually excited for school. I see him play math games on his own, that is something I never thought I would see. His understanding has grown amazingly in just a few months. I loved that he was excited to come and learn with you every week. You are amazing!  -Alyson W.

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Looking for other levels?  Check with these tutors that I know personally.

Elementary Math or Reading

1.  Kassi Tobias (local)

(208) 283-6446

High School Math

1.  Angela Culley (online)

Math Ninja

2.  Michele Williams (online)