Assessment that Matters!


I realize that your child is assessed a lot while at school.  The difference between my assessment and the schools is that I am doing a diagnostic test, not a benchmark test.  The testing within the school compares your child to a national benchmark, whereas the assessment I provide will tell us exactly where your child is struggling.

We’ll begin with an online assessment for math that gives us a detailed report of your child’s strengths and weaknesses .  Assessments are required for middle school students.  They cost $100 per subject.


After our assessment, we’ll discuss either in person or on the phone about the plans I’ve made to help your child succeed in math.  We’ll also discuss what you can do to help support these goals in your home.  I’ll provide you with an overview plan of what we’ll accomplish over the next few months together.


Each time your child comes, we’ll do activities that will help fill in your child’s knowledge gaps.  I will do homework assistance with middle school students.

All during tutoring, I will do my best to keep in touch with teachers via email and phone calls if necessary.  Are you ready to help your child move forward?  Shoot me an email or call:

meldrumtutor [at]